MISS BUNTING by Angela Thirkell
Kirkus Star


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The recognition is here -- that the old order has passed, and what of the new -- in the end of the indestructible Miss Bunting, governess to all of Harsetshire's aristocracy and others, and the rising importance of Sam Adams (The Headmistress). Miss Hunting's final employment, to improve Ann Fielding's health, mind and manners, is successful -- but the arrival of Sam and his daughter Heather, with their ability to withstand the silent criticism of raised eyebrows, presents a problem that Miss Hunting cannot solve -- r ignore. Heather develops a real friendship for Anne, respect for Miss Hunting; Sam, aware of being a misfit, nevertheless finds hope for Jane in word of her husband, manipulates some church and school projects, and never takes ""no"" for his kindnesses. The expected churchy bickerings, touches of romance; there is also an archaeologist's field day, a Bring and Buy gathering, a Mixo-Lydian, two very real little boys. All in all -- nothing new, but the same leisurely small scale novel, filled with circumloestory, spiral and cumulative conversations, characters and incidents, devotees will welcome it.

ISBN: 1559211741
Publisher: Knopf