PEACE BREAKS OUT by Angela Thirkell
Kirkus Star


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Further into the Barchester chronicles as old, and new friends, await the attack of peace, in the summer of 1945, with a combination of conflicting emotions. For the younger there is the loss of their promotions, for those filling temporary replacements, there is the fear of the loss of their jobs,- and for the older, the wholesale readjustments in their family and social lives. It is, too, memories of Miss Bunting as some of her old pupils meet, fall in love; it is the lost civilization making its slow adaptations to the now accepted new order, but it is still the fine shades of social intercourse, of family emotions, of matrimonial possibilities. Thirkell's world, though contemporary, has the feeling of one removed from reality, of manners shaded perceptibly quieter than daily living makes possible, of protection and microcosmic integrity. There's Robin and Anne, David and Rose, and Martin and Sylvia, their parents and friends, and the expected genteel confusion that embodies Thirkellania. Followers will not be disappointed- newcomers will still have to got used to the subdued pace.

Pub Date: May 19th, 1947
Publisher: Knopf