COUNTY CHRONICLE by Angela Thirkell


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Further in the apparently unending Barsetshire genealogy, this carries on with the marriage of Lucy and Sam Adams, Jessica and her twin daughters, Oliver's determinedly undying devotion to her, a domestic crise at Stories and Mrs. Brandon's happy escape from it, and the interrelation of Close and Country. By this time, to start with a recent volume in the series, a new reader, although properly introduced to each character, would no doubt suffer some confusion for the engagements, marriages and births provide some baffling (even to the characters themselves) by-paths in the Barsetshire social register. The usual circubient gatherings -- for tea, sherry and special functions -- the irrational snipe-flights in conversations -- the many turns of the county roundabout -- a lovely incident of a baptizing -- and, as lately, the trials and tribulations that ""They"" impose on the backward-looking older generation, which here, are more recurrent than usual from powder puffs on up. There are still the happy asides, the old-aunt comments on modern times and behavior, the concern with the writing group, the devotion to old houses and their charm, and the pleasure in romance -- of all ages. The audience for this has been established for many years.

Publisher: Knopf