ENTER SIR ROBERT by Angela Thirkell


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That champion for the protection of landed gentry again presents scenes from domestic life, this time with Sir Robert Graham always about to be present, and never he makes his entrance. There's a lot going on -- but appearing until, on his retirement, actually, as usual, nothing very much happens. There's the perpetual warfare among the belowstairs workers (when there are any); Lady Graham arranges a memorial service for her darling Mama and her daughter Edith goes to stay with the Hallidays where her knowledge of pigs quite fetches young George; the bank building is about to be returned to the Hallidays and young Mr. Cross (the son of Lord Cross) turns out to be another admirer of Edith's; David and Rose Leslie come on a visit from ""America"" and arrange to take Edith back with them; young Lord Mellings (Ludo) has become a presentable young man. Those familiar with the complicated family ramifications of Barchester and with the unbeatable long distance divagations of the author will find themselves in familiar territory and cosily comfortable, after taking a deep breath and relaxing.

ISBN: 1559212365
Publisher: Knopf