JUTLAND COTTAGE by Angela Thirkell


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Opening with the death of the King, this current chronicle follows, dartingly, the rehabilitation of Margot Phelps, enslaved by sick, elderly parents, and makes sure that she is surprisingly but happily engaged at its end. The new Rector, George Fewling, (Tubby) makes his impress on Greshamsbury and his Navy career eases his way with the Leslies, Fairweathers, Warings, Carters, et al. The Mertons' agent, Wickham, dispenses sudden gifts of liquor; there's a steeple climb for a golden crested mippet; Rose Fairweather's efforts for her protege, Margot, keep the assembled company in a constant whirl of do-gooding as they provide treats for Margot, sit with her father, the Admiral, and keep an alert eye on her delicate mother. But although Wickham and Tubby are ready, rather belatedly, to offer for her hand, it is well-to-do Donald Macfayden who seizes the right moment to become engaged -- even if Margot isn't. This terrain is over-familiar by now but there is always the small beer of mildly entertaining companionship for another leisurely tour.

ISBN: 155921273X
Publisher: Knopf