A DOUBLE AFFAIR by Angela Thirkell


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The opening festivities are for Miss Merryman's marriage to Mr. Choyce, the Vicar, and the closing for the double wedding soon to come of George Balliday and John Arthur Crosse to the two granddaughters of the Dean. Which leaves young Edith, who has been on the difficult side after her visit to America, with only one matrimonial prospect, young Lord Mellings, but, with a chance to catch up on her Estate Management at the Deanery, there is the Dean's new chaplain, Lord William Harcourt, as an unexpected possibility -- (and a chance for another book). In between, Halliday's mother has the opportunity to live with a friend, thereby freeing Mrs. Dunsford's loyal daughter for a restrained fling on the Riviera, and all the recent doings of the West Barsetshire intermingled families are brought up to date. Placid and unhurried, this follows its circumlocutory way through addled conversations, domestic incidents and well mannered social events. You must know your market by now.

ISBN: 1559212497
Publisher: Knopf