MY LIFE AS A RIBEL by Angelica Balabanoff


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A 40-year fight for labor, told by a woman of 60, looking backwards. Daughter of a well-to-do Russian family, she rebelled at the life cut out for her, went to college in Brussels where she became interested in the Socialistic party ideals, and from that point on planned and worked and fought for Socialism against everything. Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, England -- and when the Revolution came to a head, Russia again. She knew Mussolini when he was an hysterical youngster -- and learned to hate him. She left Russia because she felt the ideals of the Revolution were betrayed. She was an exile from many countries. An intimate picture of the inner circles of social revolutionists. An active life with reminiscences of important people in their pre-fame periods. Honest, and interesting from its viewpoint and the energetic part the author played in events leading up to today. Market -- leftish, but not too leftish, Liberal. Those who like the human side of the social equation.

Pub Date: July 28th, 1938
Publisher: Harper