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MENDED HEARTS by Angelina Disano


by Angelina Disano

Pub Date: Nov. 15th, 2021
ISBN: 978-1-73776-120-4
Publisher: Disano Dreams

Two adults who suddenly lost their mothers strive for connection in this romance novel.

Since her mom died unexpectedly two years ago, 23-year-old Katie Williams has put college and her future dreams aside to work as a teller in a Portland, Maine, bank and take care of her half brother, 12-year-old Tyler, whose abusive father left years ago. It’s a dull, dreary life in their cramped apartment, but Katie sees no way to move beyond it. After his own mother’s death, 26-year-old Matt Stephens, a wealthy CEO of a computer software startup in Boston, comes to clean out her place, which happens to be one floor below Katie’s. When he and Katie run into each other—literally—their attraction is immediate. He’s drawn to her “delicate” prettiness and mane of dark-brown hair and she, to his tall, muscular form and “midnight blue” eyes. They start dating, and the sex is spectacular, but the path to love proves to be a rocky one. It turns out that both have something to hide; for Katie, it’s her long struggle with depression, while Matt keeps the fact that he’s rich under wraps, hoping to be loved for more than his money. When Tyler’s father threatens to seek custody, the couple’s secrets and true feelings come out. In her debut novel, Disano initially doesn’t go very deep into Matt and Katie’s instant attraction, instead summing it up unsatisfactorily with questions such as “What was it about him that flustered her so much?” However, the portrayal of the relationship strengthens as the story goes on, and although the two predictably manage to work out their differences, they do so with notable integrity and caring. The couple’s sex life is improbably superb from the get-go, but the scenes that depict it are well written, varied, and reveal some unexpected verve on mild-mannered Katie’s part: “Oh yeah. That’s going to leave a mark.”

An enjoyably lusty romance with good relationship development.