THE L.L. BEAN GAME AND FISH COOKBOOK by Angus & Judith Jones Cameron


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This may well be the compleat game and fish cookbook, covering as it does all cooking styles from barbecue to bourguignon; all manner of flesh from moose (""better than the beef that we can buy now""), musk ox, bear, and beaver to snipe, dove (""tender and toothsome""), muskellunge, and snook; and all occasions from the simple campsite supper to the showy pheasant flamed with apples, which requires a home oven as well as an authentic or improvised creme fraiche. Some of the recipes, such as Virginia Housewife Mary Randolph's catfish soup, have long associations with their major ingredients; many are adaptations, to suit the sportman's bird-in-hand, of classic dishes formerly bound to more domesticated fare: hence, venison Stroganov, antelope Parmesan or osso bucco, grouse cacciatore, walleye Mornay, and bluefish with pesto. The mysteries of field dressing, hanging, smoking, aging, cleaning, and filleting are duly imparted, as are the applicable essentials of such kitchen procedures as roasting, grilling, braising, marinating, and larding; and the authors add a range of suitable stuffings, sauces, and accompaniments. This hearty, conscientious compilation should prove a handy resource for libraries and a welcome gift for the man who has everything the L. L. Bean catalogue purveys.

Pub Date: Aug. 31st, 1983
Publisher: Random House