NEW MOON COVE by Ann Atwood


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The creator of The Little Circle (1967), a freshly imagined photo fantasy, here offers pure lyricism in an album of color prints depicting forms etched, carved, cast up or polished by the sea, and the changing colors of the sea's surface. Many are breathtakingly beautiful (despite what seems to be an imbalance of blues) and would surely delight adults--for whom the concepts of etched sand, free-form rocks, bas reliefs et al. would have more meaning. The following typifies the tenor: ""Clusters of still lifes composed of grasses and kelp are gently nudged into place by the fringes of foam."" And yet it is difficult to dismiss--some youngsters may gaze upon it with awe and disregard the captions altogether.

Pub Date: May 2nd, 1969
Publisher: Scribners