EASY COOKING: Simple Recipes for Beginning Cooks by Ann Beebe

EASY COOKING: Simple Recipes for Beginning Cooks

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Prefaced by some properly basic instructions, about 50 recipes that adhere safely to the lowest common denominator of the target age group's appetites and aptitudes. There is, then, a heavy accent on sweets (such as marshmallow crisps); the main dishes (except for an oven-cooked chuck steak) stick to franks, ground beef and pastas, and all the soup dishes start with cans or envelopes. For variety, taste and guidance, Paul and Hawkins' Kids Cooking (1970) is still the cooking kid's best buy, even in hard cover (and it's now in a 75¢ paperback edition); however Beebe is patient and explicit and her child-centered standards such as chocolate fudge and cheesy French loaf are no doubt as easy to eat as to cook.

Pub Date: Sept. 20th, 1972
Publisher: Morrow