A FAMILY OF TWO WORLDS: A Portrait of Her Mother by Ann Bridge

A FAMILY OF TWO WORLDS: A Portrait of Her Mother

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An extraordinary achievement this, for an Englishwoman who knew her mother's world only through avidly seizing on every fragment of memory, every anecdote and story of her mother's growing up in years which compassed the rich experience of living in pre-and post- Civil War, New Orleans and New England. Here is the flavor of regional charm, the mores of a prosperous Creole household, of a more rigid New England homestead. Here the personality of a gently reared, exquisite but dominant personality. ""Ann Bridge"" as her American readers know her, is a daughter of two worlds, and has explored many aspects of her mother's background, and of a family which reached into many channels of the growing of America. Her father's English family offered less of challenge, though his spectacular success in business afforded considerable contrast to the more conventional traditions of his upbringing. This is not intended as her own autobiography, though inevitably as the gaily colored pieces are fitted into a whole, one gets a vivid sense of an aware, sensitive, inquiring child, growing up with the rich experience of ""a family of two worlds"". Her name as a successful novelist will give impetus to a book which should add to her usual market those readers who enjoyed Owen Ravenel's Period Piece.

Pub Date: Sept. 6th, 1955
Publisher: Macmillan