THE SEED by Ann Cameron


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I'm here, . . and I'm all alone in this dark world"" cries the seed, but it's a mystery how she can believe it when she's continually being ordered around by a chorus of voices--rain singing ""Drink me, little Seed, drink me and drink me""; earth exhorting her to ""Taste my riches""; the rain rumbling ""NOTHING CAN STOP ME. . ."" and even an earthworm calmly advising ""You're taller. . . soon you'll see something you'll never forget."" Seed finally does graduate to above ground conversation with the wind, the birds, and ""her relatives"" the trees; however the sickly pale landscape isn't much of an improvement over our original view of Seed suspended in the earth, a Pre-Raphaelite maiden's face staring out of her seed coat. Appropriately if not necessarily felicitously, Cannon is also the illustrator of Plant Consciousness/Plant Care; the dialogue is the sort of thing better left buried in a method acting class or creative writing workshop. Certainly it's too precious to bear the light of day.

Pub Date: Oct. 6th, 1975
Publisher: Pantheon