THE MAIL ORDER FOOD GUIDE by Ann & Carol Hersh Weiss Tilson


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Now, only a postage stamp away, are all those specialty ingredients the local supermarket doesn't carry. Like hard-wheat flour and dry falafel mix. Smith-field ham and Omaha steaks and sausage casings to stuff-your-own. Salmon in jars from Alaska, smoked salmon from Galway, and kosher delights from Murray's Sturgeon Shop in New York, N.Y. Plus patisseries in Cannes, Amsterdam, Munich, Basel--and the zip code that will fetch you Sacher torte. Listings--including ethnic foods en masse--are under categories, then alphabetically by source (guaranteeing that you'll find more than you're looking for); prices are as of 1976, but of course inquiries are advised; and a sprinkling of recipes and tips on storage and preparation offers encouragement and enlivens the catalog format--which the promised illustrations will do too. All in all, 400 food suppliers to walk your fingers to, in the US and abroad.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1977
Publisher: Simon & Schuster