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The sub-title- U.S. Moral Leadership and the Problem of Racial Minrities gives a clue to the thesis of this tract for the times. It is that unless America makes greater progress in solving its race problems she is in danger of forfeiting her right to moral leadership in the world. Mr. La Farge claims that the high moral stand taken by the American representatives in the Commission on Human Rights of the United Nations will be interpreted as insincere and hypocritical unless we take more radical steps immediately to correct the injustices under which Negroes and other minority groups must live. As a leading Catholic, La Farge writes for Catholics and stresses the part played by the Catholic Church through its parishes, institutions and inter-racial councils. But the book is a ringing call for immediate action to be taken by all faiths. Predominantly for the religious book market.

Pub Date: May 31st, 1950
Publisher: Longmans, Green