MY SHIP IS SO SMALL by Ann Davison


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Small craft and ocean crossings continue their appeal and this latest of a lone female sailor should have its own place. For with the tragedy told in Last Voyage (1951) Ann was driven with fear, curiosity and desperation to achieve her dream of a ship of her own and a solo voyage across the Atlantic and the story of her achievement results in the answer to her question for a key to living -- courage. Her search for a boat, her lessons in seamanship and navigation, the finding of Felicity Ann a 23 foot sloop with a diesel auxiliary, the fitting out and launching, climax in her departure from England, with all her apprehension and fright mounting through the first days out. A tow into Douarenez and a Breton fling. Vigo, Glbraitar, Casablanca and the Canaries are a dress rehearsal for the big jump -- in winter -- to Dominica and Antigua and Nassau. The record of her crossing is from her log with all its notes of ""bloody big seas"", maintaining FA, fighting desperation and the knowledge that her breaking point was getting nearer, and the daily round of weather, food and emotional as well as physical climates....Realization that she had survived -- with courage -- was her reward. A spirited picture of the contrast of ship and shore living, of the friends along the way and of nautical matters, this should please readers of her earlier book and all dedicated sailors.

Publisher: Morrow-Sloane