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I LIFT MY EYES by Ann  Miner


Inspirational Short Stories to Soothe the Soul

by Ann Miner photographed by Kat Miner

Pub Date: Oct. 2nd, 2012
ISBN: 978-0615664231
Publisher: Hainbuch Publications

In her debut nonfiction collection, Miner weaves together short stories about her life and the inspirational nature of the everyday.

The author presents 27 short vignettes about some of the most important events, people and experiences of her life, from a memory of going to a duck blind with her father at age 7 to a reflection about preparing for a coming winter. In between these stories, she depicts happy and sad memories, ordinary moments such as cooking spaghetti sauce and life-changing events such as the deaths of loved ones. At the end of each story, Miner explains how she found meaning in the experience and includes a Bible verse that helps amplify that meaning. For example, she compares the ingredients used to create spaghetti sauce to the events and attitudes that help form an individual. The stories are compact, precise and well executed, making them easy to digest. There is nothing especially out-of-the-ordinary about the stories Miner tells about her life, but the stories are far from dull. In fact, their commonplace nature is part of what makes them effective, as it emphasizes the theme that inspiration can be found even in the most mundane experiences. Miner writes in the preface, “While our lives are unique to our own experiences, we can find similarity with one another.” Indeed, readers may connect to many of the author’s life experiences, see how Miner drew inspiration from them and even adapt her ways of thinking to their own lives.

An engaging book that illustrates how meaningful ordinariness can be.