ME, MYSELF, AND I: Everywoman's Journey to Her Self by Ann Schoonmaker

ME, MYSELF, AND I: Everywoman's Journey to Her Self

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The flip side of Fascinating Womanhood, presented by Schoonmaker, who contends that women evolve through three stages before they hit her equivalent of well-adjusted, self-assertive nirvana. ""During the Me stage we are content to center upon someone else. During the Myself stage we gradually take responsibility for our lives as part of the normal natural development of the ego. During the I stage we find our center of awareness and action, and we are able to bear the necessary separation which is part of being a unique individual."" But it's only within the last chapter that she gives herself away (as a member of the Bah'i Faith) and claims that the final stage ""brings us to our knees again"" so that we can co-ordinate our guilt-free existences with the world's ""finitude and limitations."" Not only is that a redundancy, it's hooey.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1977
Publisher: Harper & Row