OFF TO SCHOOL! by Ann Schweninger


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Button Brown, a chipper young bunny rabbit, hero of a series of adventures, starts school. The accent is on the positive in this cheery volume. Button has a new pencil box and gets to bring his Super Rabbit to school with him. Mom and Dad reassure him--yes, he'll like his teacher and will meet new friends. After a brief transition period, Button happily plays with the other bunnies. The day whizzes along--art time, milk time, playground time, song and story time--and before he knows it, Button is going home with Mom. After school, he shows his sister and baby brother what he learned. Warm pastel pictures of happy bunnies underscore the book's cheerful theme. It's not clear whether this is a nursery school or kindergarten; given the book's optimistic tone, it necessarily lacks great sensitivity towards the fears that children sometimes have about starting school, though one little bunny does experience mild separation anxiety. Still, this account of a first day will be enjoyed by children who are looking forward to starting school.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1987
Publisher: Viking