ADAM AND NOAH AND THE COPS by Ann Sharpless Bond


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Further amusing adventures with Adam and Noah, the just-plain-kids of Saturdays in the City (1979). It's Adam, the more venturesome of the two, who usually gets them both in trouble. In the elevator at the dentist's building, he deliberately presses floor 20, the roof, instead of 19, and the boys find themselves stuck up there during a power failure with the elevator's third passenger, a woman in labor. Adam's desire for a ride on a yacht involves them with dope smugglers; and his attempts to show off to a girl land both boys face-to-face on top, then comically spilled off, of a runaway horse. At a rummage sale, Adam's shoes are inadvertently sold while he's trying on sneakers; then he's chased all over town by a ""madman"" whose briefcase full of research papers Adam has bought for a dollar. There's a neat finale when the terrified boys drop out of a tree onto two men they think are plotting murder. The men are really TV writers, and the boys end up giving them ideas based on their own, just-related adventures. Throughout, the boys' gulps of fear, easy give-and-take, and fast-thinking extrication will sweep readers effortlessly along.

Pub Date: March 23rd, 1983
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin