THE GIFTED FIGURE: Proportioning Exercises for Large Women by Ann Smith

THE GIFTED FIGURE: Proportioning Exercises for Large Women

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Helpful guidance for ""larger women""--as much for its emphasis on a secure self-image as for its lightweight exercise regimen. Smith, a former modern dance teacher, understands how improved posture and body carriage can increase feelings of well-being--and she clearly articulates how these changes can be brought about. Moreover, she has no time for the rail-thin stereotype: ""variations in size, shape and appearance make people interesting, and you should always concern yourself with the body you have rather than trying to conform to a type you'll never be."" A ""good"" figure, then, is one that is well-proportioned: a ""balanced and harmonious relation of body parts to the whole person is healthier because it is able to function normally, without external or internal strain."" When bodies get out of alignment from overeating and sedentary living, changes in posture and weight distribution throw ""the entire body so far out of alignment that anatomical and visceral problems follow, along with fatigue and general malaise."" Smith thus sets out a reasonable, short, simple program of stretching and strengthening exercises designed to tone and improve posture. Combined with a serious walking program, for instance (as one's self-image improves), this regimen could be of real benefit.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1984
Publisher: Capra