MAGIC MONEY by Ann Solan Clark


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A rambling, little idyll of Costa Rica too tremulously in the genre for most American children to take. Tony had a secret, and he needed money for his secret. So Grandfather helped him to work, even though he was very little. But somehow Tony seemed to go to sleep when he should be working and even though there was a grand party at the Patron's, and handsome Roberto was happy and beautiful, and Rosita had a lovely pair of shoes, Tony was not happy, for he wanted something for his grandfather. Finally Grandfather helps him to make a wooden ox and cart -- like Grandfather's before he lost his oxen. When the wooden ox and cart are sold Tony is jubilant for now Grandfather may buy his oxen, which was Tony's secret all along. A pleasant story, but the gay, lilting measure of the speech, so charming to an adult, may puzzle and annoy a child acclimated to the flat intonations of American speech.

Pub Date: Aug. 21st, 1950
Publisher: Viking