POT: What It Is, What It Does by Ann Tobias

POT: What It Is, What It Does

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Pot is a drug, and when people take drugs the time comes when they cannot live without them. Pot might make you sick, throw up, scared, and dizzy. Pot smokers may feel tired and sad for days after smoking, and a mere one or two joints a week changes your body and behavior. Smoking for two or three years will damage your brain for life and attack your lungs, maybe causing cancer. Smoking pot can cause birth defects and stunt your growth. These are some of the intemperate alarms which Tobias, throwing proportion and credibility to the winds, lays on young children--aware, perhaps, that anyone past the easy-reader age will recognize her reefer madness for what it is. Well-meaning misguidance.

Pub Date: Sept. 24th, 1979
Publisher: Greenwillow