MOTHER-IN-LAW by Ann Toland Serb


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Among the vital issues of our day, apparently few questions loom larger on the maternal horizon than how to refrain from botching up a relationship with one's offspring's spouse. If you can squelch your instincts to demand phone calls every day, to insist upon custody for the holidays, to instill guilt, and to inflict advice--well, ""the mother-in-law who's willing to make adjustments for her kids' sake is going to win some special points for her understanding,"" smiles Phyllis, one of the many ""sage"" mothers-in-law whose truisms are sprinkled tantalizingly through this book. Serb is particularly adamant in her discussion of techniques for inducing marriage in reluctant progeny (""Getting a son or daughter to the altar is one of the most frustrating challenges a mother can face"") and dealing with children's unwedded live-in arrangements (""Parents have to stop blaming themselves for their children's actions,"" counsels one pastor about this ""difficult period""). How to maneuver the in-law children into calling you ""Mother,"" how to keep the kids from imposing, how to choose just the right kind and amount of gifts--for those who would make role-identity into a near-obsession.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1978
Publisher: Carillon