BADGER ON HIS OWN by Ann Tompert


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When Badger (all spiffed up in oversized fatigues) moves into a burrow of his own to avoid being told what to do, the last thing he needs is a neighbor bossing him around. Yet Owl, who lives in the tree above, insists that Badger drop his unpacking and accompany him to the fair, and when they get there Owl talks him into buying a whole wagon full of used furniture. The problem: how can Badger tell Owl he doesn't want his friendly interference? The solution: ""I'm leaving,"" says Owl in the morning. ""I am going to visit my cousin. And nothing you say will stop me."" That's a solution? That's a story? It seems that the author too has simply cut out on the story, just when beginning readers might expect her to tie it together.

Pub Date: March 2nd, 1978
Publisher: Crown