DEADLY RESOLUTIONS by Anna Ashwood-Collins


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A stolid first effort, with an insufferable heroine--efficiency expert/part-time sleuth Abigail Doyle--an unbelievable cop, and a plot that wanders down several clich‚d paths. When Abby and five other members of her nature club embark on their annual New York Day's hike, they hardly expect to find a dead general in a Rockaway bunker and themselves the chief suspects--Gen. Thorne was an anticonservationist and, it turns out, allied with LaChance Construction in some ecologically unsound (but materially profitable) maneuvers. Defending her troop from aspersions, Abby pockets a clue/red herring, queries the General's wife and stablehand, and is soon first on the scene to discover their bodies, too. Meanwhile, her daughter, who's visiting from California, is kidnapped; Abby is attacked; there's a whisperer on the phone; and NYPD cop Margaret Standish is scurrying this way and that. Then there's another general to deal with (possible military coverup), a few homosexual innuendos, and the general's fierce mama to handle before Abby and Standish decide on more than one murderer, including a blackmailing nature-lover. Twaddle, through and through, with lumpish prose, meager characterization--the attempt to float a likable female ""buddy"" relationship between Abby and Standish is dreadful--and not much to look forward to in the sequel.

Pub Date: Sept. 22nd, 1989
Publisher: Walker