PLEASANT DREAMS by Anna B. Francis


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A nearly-wordless, one-joke variant on the monster-in-the-bedroom--that will transfix anyone at least once. At night, in a frilly, little-girl's bedroom (curls and bow protruding from under the covers), a door slowly opens, a scaly, snag-toothed monster slowly fills the room, a second door opens (""What's that noise?"") to admit a second monster (""Shh, don't wake the child""), and when both have ferociously filled the picture-frame. . . the little-girl monster in the bed pops up and says ""Boo?' (""Pleasant dreams"" is Mom and Dad's farewell.) With a touch of Victoriana in the coloration and rendering: playful-scary and lovable-ugly.

Pub Date: Aug. 22nd, 1983
Publisher: Holt, Rinehart & Winston