THE LAST VOYAGE by Anna Clarke


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Nancy Drew-ish mystery/romance in 1939 England--as Sally Livingstone, en route from South Africa to join her mother and sister in London, is haunted by memories of a long-ago voyage when (at age eleven) she saw, as in a dream, a stranger committing a murder. Sally, naturally, is disturbed by these flickering memories. But she's especially upset when, reunited with Mother (as peevish as ever) and sister Rose (subtly changed), she meets Rose's smarmy new fiancÉ Frank Sedgemore: he may be the murderer of her memory/dream! Should she tell Rose of her suspicions? Sally turns for advice to Dr. Christian Hofmeyer, a sympathetic shipmate who assuages, her panic and gives her temporary work in his new clinic. And Sally's stalwart Uncle James offers more practical help: his connections help her to track down the crew of that long-ago voyage--though the answers to Sally's questions bring danger from an unexpected quarter. With a mildly engaging setting and heroine: serviceable, if pallid, period-suspense, more for gothic-romance fans than mystery readers.

Pub Date: April 19th, 1982
Publisher: St. Martin's