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STEPHANIE THE FROG by Anna  Cywinska


illustrated by Anna Cywinska & developed by Krecha Games

Age Range: 1 - 4

Pub Date: July 7th, 2012
Publisher: Krecha Games

This glorified game of paper dolls offers a basic lesson about what to wear in winter, summer, spring and fall.

Stephanie the frog needs help getting dressed. The cheery amphibian—who happens to have bushy red hair—sits in a chair by the Christmas tree and declares, “When it snows, I like sledding.” Ornaments dangle and sway, and tilting the tablet causes objects to move from one side of the screen to the other. Stephanie identifies various pieces of winter clothing when each item is tapped. On the next page, little ones can drag four pieces of clothing/accessories to Stephanie and put them “on” her. When adorned, she exclaims things like, “Super!” and “It fits perfectly!” The entire process is repeated for spring, summer and fall. On the final page, there are 15 different items lined up, and Stephanie conducts a quiz to see if readers can identify them all. Though the app is available in both English and Polish, the narrator sounds a little bit French and a lot like a computer-generated voice. Cywinska’s illustrations are vibrant and charming, and developers have added just enough movement and sway to make them stand out. Though toddlers may be mildly enchanted the first few times through, though, neither the story nor the interactive options offer the depth that might fuel longer-term interest.

Short, sweet and shallow. (iPad storybook app. 1-4)