TASTE OF RAINDROPS by Anna Grossnickle Hines


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I want to go walking in the rain. . . feel the rain fall on my face. . . smell the rain in the wet grass and tree bark and mud. . . taste the raindrops on my tongue as I run and shout, 'Hi, Rain!'"" But always--as she goes about her dish-washing, ironing, mending, and sweeping--""my mother says 'No!'"" Finally, though, ""I want to splash with my boots. . . jump over gutters, float my boat in a puddle, carry the rain in a pail""--and this time ""My mother says 'Yes!' And she'll come, too!"" So we see the two of them outdoors, dancing together in boots and rain gear as their ever-present, lovable shaggy dog prances nearby. Verbally Hines doesn't do anything very fresh with the rain imagery, but her soft blue and yellow pictures, alternating between the child's imagined encounters with the rain and the crisply comfortable indoor scenes, have an appealing rainy-day warmth.

Pub Date: Feb. 14th, 1982
Publisher: Greenwillow