I SAW THE NEW POLAND by Anna Louise Strong
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This is the first closeup of poland after liberation that I have read and I found it an eye-opener. The famous foreign correspondent, who has written chiefly of Soviet Russia, was actually on the spot at Praga before Warsaw, shared the dangers, the disillusionment when the Her uprising broke so badly timed, so tragically failing through its political aspects. This is an eyewitness record of Poland emerging from the ruine; of the Committee of National Liberation feeling its way to rebuilding their nation, to establishing the foundations of democracy. She lived with the people; she talked to high and low; she draws vivid pan portraits for her readers of the leaders of the Committee, of the army, of the economy. She visited villages where the problems of land reform were being tackled. She saw the gropings towards reestablishing new schools, universities -- almost without books -- a miracle of survival. She gives a picture of how Poland lived-- through occupation and after. Her well-known pro-Soviet bias may prejudice some readers who will feel that this colors her story. But her facts are convincingly marshalled and one feels that Poland is no tool of any country, but that it is a people's regime.

ISBN: 1406720569
Publisher: Little, Brown