I CHANGE WORLDS by Anna Louise Strong
Kirkus Star


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Really exciting reading, not only for the new light on Russia under the Communistic regime, but because of the singular clarity of the unfolding of a radical in the making. A sheltered and conventional childhood and adolescence, a temperament dominated by the need for assurance of love and companionship and understanding, a normal American education -- and suddenly, the budding radical, seeking a way to tell the world of her discoveries, the full-fledged Socialist in Seattle at its stormiest, the awakening to a realization that in Russia she had a chance to see her theories put to the acid test. Then the long and bitter struggle to build a new self, to see that the power of American efficiency meant nothing, that a merging of self in the interest's of the group was essential to the remarking of an American into a Communist in the service of Russia. An important book, from the editor of the Moscow Daily News, sure of wide publicity. Watch it.

Pub Date: April 18th, 1935
Publisher: Holt