ROOM FOR ONE MORE by Anna Perrott Rose


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Report repeated from page 672 of the December 1st bulletin- when scheduled for earlier publication- as follows: ""A human, absorbing and highly admirable account of Mrs. Rose and her family, her husband, the two girls and a boy of their own, and the two boys and a girl whom they took in as foster children for a few weeks and whom they kept. This is both a practical and understanding insight on the experience of foster parenthood; on the expected reactions of all foster children- the initial insecurity, lying, bragging, face saving until the adjustment is made, the acceptance sensed; the interrelationship between what they called their ""born"" children and their ""drop"" children; the many difficulties which required special handling. And there is something about each of them; Jane, a child of divorce who had tried to suicide; Joey, a starvation case; and Jimmy John, a polio child said to be seriously retarded but who was given the physical therapy and academic assistance he needed. And there is their vary full family life together, the housekeeping, pets, hobbies, with Mrs. Rose's writing, public speaking, sailing and teaching adding to the many accomplishments in this home. A book, for women, which holds considerable interest and incentive.

Pub Date: May 16th, 1950
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin