WHIRLIGIG HOUSK by Anna Rose Wright
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Amusing family adventures, packed with humor and charm. When their mother was taken to the hospital on Christmas Eve, the children -- Nan (13) twin John, Cricket, (6), Sue (7) and Boster (8), decide that in order to give their father confidence in their ability to ""manage"" and to thwart the designs of stern Aunt Tatty, they will organize a family army, the YKBO's (""obey"" spelled backwards). Under the YEBO banner the children make their own rules and put out their own newspapers, but of course, there are days when things go very wrong- when tempers pop, when things disappear, and when spirits droop. However, the sunny days far outnumber the blue and the reader will enjoy to the fullest the lively haps and mishaps. Delightfully illustrated by the author's own children. Mrs Wright wrote for adults, published last year, under the same Anna Perrott Rose, telling the story of her adopted children.

Pub Date: Aug. 6th, 1951
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin