PICKPOCKET RUN by Annabel & Edgar Johnson
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The tension of ""Pickpocket Run"", a cheap honky tonk tourist trap in the West, explodes when a group of juvenile delinquents decide to stage a motel robbery at the height of the Fourth of July weekend. The main story line follows the conflict of one boy who refuses to join in on the caper and, as a result, suffers physical torment and mental anguish as he tries to find a substitute for the twisted values of his friends, his employer, even his own father. He achieves this, not so much by defeating the gang in the robbery but more by discovering loyalty in his own sister and friendship in one man. With these as a buttress, Dix is able to leave Sylvanite in the face of his father's ridicule and his own personal doubts. The anxiety of an impending robbery, the frustration of not finding help, the fear of the gang, the creeping cynicism of Dix's own sense of right create a taut, realistic drama against the hot, hectic background of tourists on the town.

Pub Date: Oct. 25th, 1961
Publisher: Harper