POOR GOOSE: A French Folktale by Anne--Adapt. Rockwell

POOR GOOSE: A French Folktale

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Cric-crac, kitchen spoon./ Over the hill,/ We'll get there soon."" And so, recalling all cumulative animal pilgrimages from Chicken Little to The Bremen Town Musicians, headachey Goose picks up Little Black Cat, Woolly Lamb and Cow on her way to the castle for some peppermint tea. But instead of running into a hungry fox, a gang of thieves or any sort of conflict, this particular naive quartet simply moves in with a lonely old woman who's been wishing for just such company in her shabby little house. ""And wasn't she surprised and pleased!"" Of a piece with this sedate, domesticated version are Rockwell's prim, trim watercolors, bordered by pastel, provincial patterns that give the pages a freshly laundered look. The whole is not without its sedate charm, but quite without incident or grip.

Pub Date: Jan. 14th, 1976
Publisher: T. Y. Crowell