WIDE ROAD AHEAD: The Story of a Woman Bacteriologist by Anne B. Fisher

WIDE ROAD AHEAD: The Story of a Woman Bacteriologist

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This reads almost like a novel, with vocational implications, crowding into one life, as it does, conflicts in professional life, a love theme, highly colored characters. It is thoroughly good reading, but somehow lacks the note of authenticity that lends distinction to the autobiographical form of writing. The War gave opportunity to a young girl to prove, in a government post and against professional suspicion and jealousies, that she had ability and initiative. She had all sorts of experiences, dramatic, humorous, pleasant and unpleasant, both in the bureau of animal industry and on case work outside. New York, eventually California, her own bureau and a certain amount of city work lent variety to her subsequent career. The value of the profession, its contribution to the war on disease, human and animal, the prejudices involved, all give this more importance than merely a personal history. A fresh angle on a field that has been scarcely touched in books for the layman.

Publisher: Dutton