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This is a first person account of the brief decline and fall of Nicky Hapgood, during and after boarding school and college. Nicky's parents are rather stuffy. So by precept and possibly heredity, is Nicky, for though she is pretty, she is still a virgin and an innocent at the time she hits boarding school. By the time she junior college, she is no longer and she has let herself become involved in an as, letter writing engagement with Bradley Evers, down south at college. The post college, pre marriage meetings between Bradley, Nicky and their two families are smugly cheerful but astrous for Nicky, whose various affairs with other men have given her warning that she is not basically in love with Bradley. She runs away, from New York to St. Louis, and finally permits herself to be caught by her family but not Bradly.... The bright boarding school-pattern is appropriate to Nicky who is Intelligent but very young, and her story has a certain truth. Symptomatic as it is, it speaks to and for one acel of this age group.

Pub Date: Sept. 7th, 1962
Publisher: Doubleday