HANG MY HEART by Anne Brooks


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A second novel by the author of Kingdom on Earth and a competent job, a convincing place of light fiction. It is a story of a girl who sacrifices real things to her ambition. She comes from Vermont to New York at 21, eager, ingenuous, and with an appealing directness. A year later, assured, ruthless, with a good deal of throat-cutting to get her way, she is assistant editor of the Femme Chic. She has eliminated her roommate who did not fit in with her job; Sybil, whose job she sabotaged; and Michael, with whom she had an affair, but who jilted her because he was indifferent to the things that had become important to her, -- money, position, front. Rentals, largely.

Pub Date: Aug. 19th, 1942
Publisher: Morrow