THE LONG LIFE COOKBOOK: Delectable Recipes For Two by Anne Casale

THE LONG LIFE COOKBOOK: Delectable Recipes For Two

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As Dr. Robert Butler (geriatrics/Mt. Sinai) notes in his foreword, the dietary revolution begun by the youth of 20 years ago has been taken up by the ""older set"" of Americans, who are most susceptible to diet-related health problems. But presumably Casale's empty-nesters haven't taken the revolution very far--and the ""modest and realistic change"" she proposes, while relatively low in salt, sugar, far and calories, is even lower in character and dash. There is no signature taste or rationale behind her compilation that encompasses pork chops and brown rice (specifically, Uncle Ben's converted), unsalted margarine and parmigiano reggiano, chick-pea salad and (hold on) banana flambÉ. Try that last with the honeydew Waldorf salad with strawberry-yogurt dressing, and you begin to suspect a hostile takeover of the health-food movement by a 50's-style ladies'-luncheon gourmet. To add to the insult, Casale's introductory safety tips and shopïng lists (""sweep up broken glass immediately""; ""always check the expiration date on the container before purchasing"") seem to be aimed at complete novices. . .or does she just assume a failing memory after age 55? Surely in the late 1980's there are many more attractive invitations to dining within the dietary guidelines.

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1987
Publisher: Ballantine