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A ""most unusual"" story of an elephant handler's life with creatures whose charms are definitely not the disarming type. Slim Lewis writes of his elephant acquaintances with a love that at times passes understanding as he recounts the details of gory instances of violence on the part of the elephant. He bemoans the killing off of bulls who killed during must season when their unmanageability is not their fault; he ponders on the effect of Black Diamond's execution on his handler who went downhill from then on; he tells about young Norma Norms who tried to swing on the park swings and of Wide Awake, who flirted with city buses in the absence of any bulls; he tells how Queen Tut protected a handler from Sugar, a misnamed, fierce bit of baggage. Most of all he relates his own adventures as a handler moving from circus to circus, to zoo -- of his handling of Ziggy and his dream elephant, the mighty Tusko, who had such a reputation as a tough that no outfit would keep him. Slim and Tusko ended up together, and their tramp to provide funds for food that finally led to a zoo position for both, ended only with Tusko's death on Slim's birthday. The perils of a handler, the personality of his charge, the thousand and one things only a lover can tell about his elephant and turn to virtues all are here. Stand back where you belong but join the throng to see the...ELEPHANT!

Publisher: Little, Brown