MR. LINCOLN'S WIFE by Anne Colver


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A novelized biography of Mary Todd Lincoln that is an understanding, if sad, portrait of the woman, as wife, mother and First Lady. Against the background of the Todd family and what they stood for, Mary's persistent determination to marry Abraham Lincoln and none other overcomes even his doubts as to its wisdom. Her faith wavers, now and again, but his election finally vindicates her, and she has her chance to escape. But her early tempers, irritations, selfishness become the First Lady no better than the small town wife, and Washington society accentuates her isolation, while the soul-searing problems of the President drive them further apart. Frustrated by her abortive efforts to find a place, by her son Todd's death, and the results of keeping Robert out of the Army, culminate in the assassination -- and her last link with reality is broken. There is no cloaking of her shortcomings, but this is a good job of family life and marriage and a wholly human picture of a strange woman.

Pub Date: May 20th, 1943
Publisher: Farrar & Rinehart