BRIDIE STEEN by Anne Crone
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There's a very definite quality here,- an innocence, a gentleness which is affecting in this story of rural Ireland, and of shy, elusive, bewildered Bridie Stee, brought up by her stern Aunt Rose Anne who never allowed her to forget the and stigma of her mother's marriage to a Protestant, finds all her happiness in Uncle James, experiences many months' grief at his death. Entering the service Anderson, four years of tranquil life pass, until interruption comes in discove her cousin, William Henry, who brings about reconciliation with her Protestant Self-willed, proprietary, old Mrs. Steen's aggressive affection, her att Bridie ""turn"", frighten the girl away, but with her acceptance of her love Henry, she reconciles the religious duality she has inherited. For an appr rather than a wide audience.

Pub Date: Aug. 23rd, 1948
Publisher: Scribner