THE LIFTING STONE by Anne Eliot Crompton


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Plain Mandy Jane's older sister Wealthy is pretty and capable--but unmarried, because Papa has declared that no man can have her who can't lift the enormous stone embedded in the north field. Wealthy is relieved when old Ephraim Hatch, Fat Bushrod, and the Reverend Preserved Fish fail to lift the stone; but her tears when nice young Moses Fiske gives up too make Mandy Jane feel guilty. Mandy has figured out how it can be done--with spring water, lever, and horse--but if she told and Wealthy married, then ""guess who would have to bake and brew, clean and cook, wash and weave"" for Papa and the boys? All ends well however with Moses, tipped off by Mandy, winning Wealthy and moving right in--and Mandy so pleased with her cleverness that she doesn't mind being plain. A serviceable tale, with Marcia Sewall's earth tones and country charm providing some of the flavor that the author's resolute right-mindedness can't stir up.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1978
Publisher: Holiday House