LITTLE WITCH by Anne Elizabeth Bennet


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You'll have some enchanted to spooky times with Minikin Snikasnee, Minx for short, for her story of mix-ups with the real world is told with a flair that is good juvenile writing. As the daughter of Madame Snikasnee who lived in the ""most rickety house in town"", Minx's one wish was not to be what she was- to have to live a life of brews, spells and flying about at night. So she ran off the school. Delightful confusions, the kind that are bound to occur when spirits mix with people come tumbling over each other. Then Minikin's real mother, the good fairy Moonfire, materializes: Mme. Snikannes is turned into an ant eater; and Minikin goes to live with a school friend, happily ever after.

Publisher: Lippincott