THE SPRINGS by Anne Goodwin Winslow


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Again an idyll of considerable gentility, inconsiderable activity, with a shadowed, southern charm, this tells of the girlhood of Alice Macgowan as she looks back on ""that old, that young time"". Her summers in her late 'teens, as they were influenced by the hotel run by the Deerings; and the vicarious interest of all the Macgowans in the guests who came and went; in Mr. Clayton, who was in love with Alice- but married Paula; in Mrs. Dupree, a young mother whose affair with a local farmer, an only son, ended in his death; Alice's courtship, by Mr. Mason, which contributed a philosophy to her inexperience, and then by his friend- whom she married... A gentle, sentimental remembrance of things past for the special audience she has cultivated.

Publisher: Knopf