PARIS by Anne Green


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The publishers are backing this wholeheartedly and think it is up to The Solbys. Personally, I acknowledge to not liking Anne Green's whimsy-whamsy, somewhat precious fol dol di rols, but accept the fact that this is perhaps a bit more likely in plot, not quite as fluttery and inconsequential as most of her recent work. It is the story of the beautiful Mile. Helene, of penniless family, who succeeds in getting to the top and becoming a fashionable Paris milliner. There is romance, too, first with a young doctor with a mother complex, then with Charles, love at first sight. The book has an sure of unreality, but there is enough story to carry for the Anne Green fans.

Pub Date: Oct. 20th, 1938
ISBN: 0714534048
Publisher: Dutton