WITH MUCH LOVE by Anne Green


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A highly entertaining and very personal story of a childhood in France- and of the life of a large family, gay, carefree, extravagant. Papa's salary was at best too small for their demands, but somehow something always turned up in time to meet the rent and other necessities. Mama, though she loves them dearly, argues often with Papa and would very much like to slough off the responsibilities of her children,- two boys and five girls. The children were little devils, eternally in mischief, but they always came through with confession and won forgiveness. Julian habitually held mysterious secret rites in which he made burnt offerings and communicated with the evil one; one of the little girls drained all the wine glasses after a dinner party and spent a drunken night in a closet; an older sister got herself accidentally engaged and tried to make her mother break it off for her, and so on. There were difficulties of communication, as Mama spoke better English than French, and the children better French than English, which made for some confusion. A story of the turn of the century, told in the light, frothy, sparkling style that characterized Anne Green's earlier books and gives this definite charm. Those who liked The Selbys: will feel that this gives them another look behind the scenes.

Pub Date: April 14th, 1948
Publisher: Harper