BE YOURSELF by Anne Heywood


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The author of There Is A Right Job For Every Woman (1951) continues her square- peg-round-hole analysis, based on her six year's activities in her Career-Changing Clinic, which operated both in New York City and California. From her job in an employment agency and her growing realization that vocational discontent led to personality maladjustment, the smothering of real potentialities, and the impossibility of complete fulfillment, she started her work of typing and analyzing personalities and trying to steer them, by giving them a ""climate of belief"", into fields where they could make use of their resources to the full, and thereby achieve individual success. She goes into the classifications -- social, factual, artistic; the distortion of accepted precepts; the harmful fetish of security; the hoarders of ideas; fear that begets unhappiness; and the necessary faith. There are innumerable instances and examples of her philosophy, both in her own life and in the experiences of others; she makes the most of what she has learned from those she has counseled; and the whole adds up to a self-help book for 100% efficiency and effectiveness in life, for the student as well as the teacher.

Pub Date: Sept. 24th, 1953
Publisher: Doubleday