GETTING IN by Anne Hunter Lowell


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The first volume in a new ""Sorority Girl"" series. Susie Madden, president of Pearl, an exclusive sorority at her elegant private school, has a problem. All the Madden girls have been Pearls. (""My string of Pearls,"" her father calls them.) Now younger sister Nancy wants to pledge, and Susie just isn't sure if Nancy is ""Pearl material."" Should Susie blackball Nancy to maintain Pearl's standards? Would offbeat Nancy even be happy as a Pearl? Does Susie's loyalty lie with her sorority or with her sister? Maybe Nancy will be blackballed by the hateful Paula, who's still smarting from her loss of the presidency to Susie. Meanwhile, Susie's boyfriend Mike calls her an ""ice queen,"" just because she tries to maintain her perfectly controlled exterior. What's a girl to do? A basic wish-fulfillment novel, whose stereotypical characters, stock plot, and undistinguished writing make it no better or worse than other of its genre.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1986
Publisher: Fawcett/Ballantine